• Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas

    Cornwall Date of re-election: 31/03/2024

    Director and DCD Chairman

    Richard had been DCD Forum Chairman and representative for West Cornwall from 2010, prior to be elected to the DCD Board in April 2018.

    Richard farms near Lands End milking autumn block calving Holstein Friesians, also growing beef cattle and cereals. He has been running a potato growing and packing operation for the last 10 years, supplying washed and pre-packed products from his purpose built pack house directly into retailer distribution for national sales. Richard was elected DCD Chairman in October 2022.

    M: 07977 266448

DCD Directors

  • Ian Harvey

    Ian Harvey

    Devon Date of re-election: 31/03/2024

    Finance Director

    Ian farms 400 acres and 180 cows near Launceston, Cornwall. Ian was the first to sign a direct supply contract with Dairy Crest. Having completed 30 years’ service for the Inland Revenue, Ian returned to farming in Cornwall. Ian is well connected in the dairy industry, having also been appointed to the NFU Dairy Board, Red Tractor Dairy Board and AHDB Dairy Board.

    Ian was elected as a DCD Director in April 2014 and was appointed Finance Director in April 2015.

    07976 554225
  • Mark Button

    Mark Button

    Cornwall Date of re-election: 31/3/2025


    Mark and his wife Lynn farm near the Davidstow factory, which they have been supplying milk to since 2006. Mark milks just under 1000 cows, TMR fed and calving all year round. All progeny are reared on farm for beef or replacements. A key focus is trying to make the most use of livestock manures, with less reliance on artificial fertilisers.

    After nine years as a DCD Forum Representative for the Wadebridge area, Mark was elected as a DCD Director in January 2016.

    01208 850259 M: 07788 562952
  • Henry Mably

    Henry Mably

    Date of re-election: 31/3/2026

    Henry farms with his family in North Cornwall. They milk 1000 cows across 3 units on a low input grazing system, with rapid growth in the business since they started milking cows and supplying SDUK in March 2015.

    Henry was elected to the DCD Board in August 2022, having been the DCD Forum representative for the Camelford area.

    07917 117460

Forum Member - Davidstow

  • Martin Wallis

    Far West Date of re-election: 31/3/2025
    07974 186283
  • Matthew Eddy

    St Austell Date of re-election: 31/3/2023
    07791 948902
  • Charles Sampson

    Plymouth Date of re-election: 31/3/2023
    07855 350758
  • Phil Allin

    Holsworthy Date of re-election: 31/03/2024
    01409 271267 M: 07970458604
  • Jon Cleave

    Hartland Peninsula Date of re-election: 31/3/2024
    M: 07837 200767
  • Geoff Heywood

    Launceston Date of re-election: 31/3/2024
    M: 07795 244039
  • Nick Heard

    North, Mid and East Devon Date of re-election: 31/3/2025
    07887 574267
  • Jane Targett

    Somerset and Dorset Date of re-election: 31/3/2025
  • Mark Kempthorne

    Camelford Date of re-election: 31/3/2026
    Mobile: 07974 384188

OFFICE: DCD General Manager

  • Sophie James

    Sophie James

    07879 992099