• Dairy Crest, DCD and White Gold Initiative

    Farming is one of the most hazardous occupations in the UK, with far too many families devastated by injuries or fatalities to adults and children on farm. Dairy Crest places great emphasis on the well-being of everyone who works within the business. DCD farmers matter just as much as employees within Dairy Crest, and so the “Safe & Well” programme focuses on both staying healthy, and reducing the risks of accidents on farm, for farmers, their staff and families.

    The “Safe & Well” program has two aspects, the first being the free offer of health and well-being checks at specific agricultural shows, to date Dairy Crest have conducted 200 of these checks, being very well received by those taking part, and in some cases helping to change their lives for the better.

    The second aspect is the provision of guidance notes designed specifically to raise awareness in certain critical safety areas on farm to reduce accident risks for all.

    Please see the attached Guidance Notes, the first focus being Machine Safety. In addition to being available on this website (and Dairy Crest’s), the plan is to circulate hard copies of these via the White Gold team, this team also helping explain the process of display, action and sign off commitment. Each Guidance Note has two elements, the first being a practical reminder of key control points within each subject area, the second includes helpful contact details and sign off commitment for both the farmer and their staff. There is also space to write notes of action taken to improve existing control measures.

    The objective, to build a resource of Guidance Notes, and commitments from farmers/farm staff to reduce risks of accidents on farm. The next focus will be on the dangers of i) Slurry Pits ii) Working at Height.

    Each farmer is therefore asked to review each Guidance Note against existing safety controls, and to also complete the commitment page, including the Guidance Note title, and sign off – noting any further safety measures to be addressed.

    Finally, these Guidance Notes are designed to help all on farm reduce the risks of accidents and ill health, so using them in a practical way is important.

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    Safe & Well – machinery – FINAL SEPT 14